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·      Controls 1 analog or FILL-RITE hose

·      Keypad integrated overlay

·      Card/Keyless control

·      Back lighted two-line dot-matrix display

·      Unlimited programmable prompts:

·      Selectable prompts to guide drivers through the fueling                process        Ex: driver/vehicle#,           PIN, mileage, etc…

·      Programmable volume type and pulses per unit

·      Totals retrieval, database editing via USB port

·      Up to 65,000 users and transactions stored in Excel format

·      Local or remote card lock-out

·      24-7 operational


TankBOSS Controller.  Base system is configured to control a mechanical or FILL-RITE pump, and utilizes a 2-line security display and keypad.   Metalized keypad is available as an option.   Preset capability at mechanical hoses equipped with pre-pay valves. Selectable prompts allow as little or as much detail as each location requires.  Download accumulating, resettable totals, as well as individual transactions via USB port.  Sites Hotspot option is available for sites without internet. 

TankBOSS w/readout, keypad, 110vac operation, and Ethernet or Wi-Fi internet connection, 1 fueling point control.



  • Rugged metalized pushbutton keypad

  • Connects to the internet via local/site Ethernet or Wi-Fi

  • With access to the internet will receive send daily reports and individual sales via email.  Emails configurable to any number of receivers:  drivers, accounting, management, etc…  Choose who receives transactions and/or reports.

  • Remote lock out of any card

  • Reports automatically emailed

         Internet connection via Wi-Fi hotspot pricing and availability determined by site


Control your unattended pumps with TankBOSS pump control system.   The TankBOSS fuel control system allows control over mechanical pumps totally unattended. All individual transactions are saved to Excel format and can be emailed instantly to multiple recipients. User prompts are totally customizable to fit your needs.  

Retrieve reports with driver/truck summaries, resettable total, accumulating total, or add/delete fields and prompts and truck/drivers as required at the location via optional Bluetooth keyboard.   

Turn on required prompts (up to 50) such as: Preset amount, driver id, truck id, pin number, and mileage. Get reports emailed via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.  Optionally connect a Hotspot modem connection (charges may apply) to receive reports via email.

Allow multiple trucks for any individual driver, or allow any driver to fuel any vehicle. TankBOSS is as simple or complicated as the site requires.

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