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FUELBOT Console with power supply

Desktop controller with Menu driven display for up to 16 fueling positions. Gilbarco, Wayne, Tokheim or Bennett protocol has to be specified.

MPC Classic Console - Electronic only

Desktop controller for up to 16 fueling positions. Gilbarco, Tokheim or Bennett protocols are available.

MPC Classic Hybrid - 8

Controls a combination of electronic and mechanical pumps. Requires APC200/295 interconnect box for the electronic pumps and an 800F style control box with pump relays for the mechanical pumps.

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Citizen Printer

Thermal printer, 3" wide

APC 203-x 15 Conductor Cable

Cable from Console to Interconnect / Control box (specify 25, 50, 75, 100 or 150' length)

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APC 278 - Flexible Interconnect Circuit board Only

The APC 278 mounts in place of the existing power supply of the TMS 800F relay box. Loop Boards (APC 27x series) plug into the 278 and APC 22x series boards mount in place of some of the removed TM 23 relay boards.

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